Breese Client Day 2009

Breese Client Day 2009

The Breese Client Day 2009 brought together senior business players in the B2B and B2G markets who shared their experience of working in partnership with Breese. The event was captured on video for you to enjoy after the event.

Scene setting

Ian Irving, Managing Director Breese (UK) Ltd set the context for the day and focused on recent research demonstrating the key characteristics of successful sales organisations.

Saint Gobain and PAM UK

Paul Minchin, Managing Director, Saint Gobain PAM UK Ltd told the audience about how they had learned to see the world through the eyes of their customers to make sure they they could offer a value service rather than a commoditised one.

Shell Value

The next speaker was Stavros Kokkinis, Genearl Manager - Global Accounts at Shell, who showed why their Shell Value initiative, developed with Breese, is essential to meet the needs of major customers.

From B2C to B2B and B2G - Edison Learning

Tim Nash, Director of Development, Edison Learning showed how their work with Breese had enabled his company to be in a position to target new opportunities in the education sector moving from a B2C focus to B2B and B2G in the process.

Bombardier's journey

Paul Forrest, Marketing Director of global transportation leader, Bombardier, described how they developed a new value propostion to counter the threat of commoditisation in highly competitve markets.