About us

What is BREESE?

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It is an award winning approach to ensure investments in Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G) Sales and Account Management capabilities deliver the targeted return on investments. Breese Managing Director, Ian Irving is pictured above at Loders Croklann Creative Studio (copyright Loders Croklann 2010).

Breese clients

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Breese works with clients to achieve outstanding results from their investments in B2B and B2G sales, cost management and VP development. We combine our extensive business experience, the use of structured and innovative systems and a commitment to our clients to deliver effective and efficient business solutions.

Breese solutions

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Our solutions begin with a realistic assessment of your current business, which results in a stepped development towards sales success - this may encompass relationship management process, skills, IT systems and organisation development. We offer the full range of proprietary workshops and Miller Heiman workshops together with tailored programmes to support your customised roadmap.

When is it used?

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At the beginning of any decision to spend money to develop the sales and customer management capabilities of the organisation or at a point of recognition that current spending is not delivering the targeted return on investments, Breese can help. Recently, Breese collaborated with Edison Learning to do just that helping the company change focus from B2C to B2B and B2G in the educational sector. The work also made sure everyone in the company was clear and confident in extolling the new value proposition.

How is it used?

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A mixture of business workshops, ‘productised consulting’, process clarity and leadership development. Breese enables your management to define and deliver the future strategy and implementation plans for strategic sales, value propositioning and customer development. 

Our Goal

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Our goal is to bring simplicity and ensure the appropriate sales and relationship managment operating systems and architecture is in place to accelerate your business growth and generate value for you from your most valuable customers. The result is an integrated sales and relationship management organisation that dovertails into the total business.

Our Approach


Our approach is oriented towards lasting and effective change by aligning all aspects of the organisation for success.

Breese utilises a five stage approach (The 5P's) to create outstanding B2B sales and relationship management organisations. Improvements are measured using 3 performance indicators - quantitative improvements, qualitative improvements and process improvements. Change happens at a pace that the organisation can accommodate - a key factor for sustainability.

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Breese's strength comes from our unique combination of a fully integrated service offering, client recognised depth of capability, and proven track record. This enables our clients to benefit from a single-source approach where projects are considered as a whole, and where the interdependencies of the different sales and relationship management activities are fully understood. 

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