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During the Value Wheel Workshop last year, one of our real project was the frame contract of Deutsche Bahn. As you can see from the attached press release, we achieved to secure this project.

As you can imagine, we are very happy about this. I would, therefore, also like to thank you for your contribution to this success. It is always a pleasure to work with you.

Peter Ammann, Vice President Sales & Marketing,
Bombardier Transportation



This methodology created a paradigm shift for our team. Suddenly, we could see the world through our customers' eyes: their needs, values and goals.
We have learned that we have to speak their language - at every level of both organisations.

Bombardier Head of Communications Katherine Pirkle

Breese has significantly contributed to the winning of 2 billion Euros of service sales.

Pall Forrest, International Sales & Marketing Directory


The leading global transportation group worked with Breese to refine their sales strategy to address a common business issue, namely, how to create customer value when competitive market pressure is increasing the likelyhood  of commiditisation.

The solution for Bombardier was to offer business and enterprise solutions for their customers rather than just offering their products. Marketing Director, Paul Forrest explained more with his presentation at the Breese Client Day, London, March 2009. Watch his presentation below.